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Maine Antique Digest "While you can browse around on the Internet, getting out there and walking through the merch is a lot more fun. The exact thing you were looking for—and perhaps something you never dreamed of—may turn up and draw you in.." ~Maine Antique Digest
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles "This month, we wade through Scott Antique Market's more than 2,000 vendors to unearth where to hit the jackpot and how to find the gems." ~Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine
Victoria Magazine showcases Silver expert and Scott Antique Market Mainstay Carol O'Steen as she discusses how she got involved in collecting silver, and why she still loves the hunt.




"Scott's boasts more than 2,000 vendors and loads of hard-to-find antiques..."



" can certainly spend an entire day browsing the collected art, furniture, jewelry and housewares at the Scott Antique Market."


"Cool place to spend the day..." "You can find some amazing period pieces!"
"Holy, overwhelmingly in love..."